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After seeing these ladies great success in their own nutrition journeys, I knew once they offered their help I had to take it! I started the program 3 weeks post second baby. I had gained almost 55lbs and knew I did not want to feel how I did after my first baby and hold on to all that weight for months after.

In 10 weeks I had lost 10 lbs and 14% body fat! I am feeling good and have great energy. My workouts have been feeling better and I have made PR's in my lifts and workouts. My overall goal is to lose the baby weight and I am confident with this program and these coaches I can do that.

This program is teaching me how to properly fuel my body. I'm learning things about food and nutrition that are going to help me live a healthy lifestyle, not just a "quick fix". All the coaches are dedicated to seeing success in their clients and are very passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

My coach, Ashley, has been an amazing coach. She is great at giving feedback to check ins and is very encouraging and helpful. She cares about your results and helps motivate you to stay on track. I am so excited to continue the program and to keep seeing results!