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I came to Ashley in my 24th week of my second pregnancy. I was gaining weight too quickly, and feeling like I wasn't giving my growing baby the best nutrition possible, and so I went looking for some guidance. I had heard of tracking macros before, but didn't know if it was recommended or realistic during pregnancy.

Well, I am SO glad that I reached out to her because I discovered that I was definitely not getting enough of the macronutrients I needed to support my pregnancy, and she also confirmed that it was definitely possible to get back on track regarding my weight gain! Ashley encouraged me to sign up for their 8 week program, so I jumped in.

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive that I could actually get my weight within the recommended range by the end of my pregnancy. Although I wasn't overweight pre-pregnancy, I had been gaining so quickly that by week 24 I was technically 15 lbs overweight when I started the program.

Ashley informed me that I wouldn't be actually losing weight during the program (since weight loss isn't healthy during pregnancy), but that my goal was to just keep my weight where it was for as long as necessary until I was back on track. Well, much to my surprise, when the program came to a close I had not gained a single pound in 8 weeks, closing the gap by 12 lbs total!

My weight had completely stabilized and I was now on track for the healthy recommended range of weight gain for my height and weight during pregnancy.

My macro journey was an incredibly valuable and eye opening experience. I learned so much about what my body needs, and how much control I actually do have over my weight and body composition. In the beginning, tracking all my food took a bit of getting used to and honestly I wondered where people found the freedom in it.

BUT, I stuck to it and trusted the program and my coach, and it got easier. When I started to see the results, it pushed me to keep going. By the end of the 8 weeks, I truly understood why everyone talks about how macros are so freeing! I didn't have to restrict myself completely from the little treats and indulgences I loved, especially during the holidays! Instead, I learned about balance, and how to fit those things into my diet but still get the results I was looking for.

In the past, I had really only tried diets that were super extreme, 100% clean eating all the time. While I did get some results that way, it wasn't sustainable(or enjoyable) for real life. I was missing the understanding of how to properly look at food and balance it all out so that I didn't feel guilty for those days that just called for a donut or a side of fries!

I'm so grateful for all of the knowledge and support that I got from Ashley during this program. Knowledge is power, and I truly feel that going forward I have the power to overcome any obstacle that comes my way in regards to my weight, and THAT feeling is priceless!