In a nutshell...

Our nutrition program is designed for the flexible dieter (that is meant exactly how it sounds). Unlike other diet methods that have you eliminating certain foods from your diet, flexible dieting allows you to splurge on occasion while still experiencing progress.

How you might ask is this possible?!

Because we count macros not calories.

What are Macros?

Macros is short for macronutrients which are the 3 major food groups that your body needs to function

carbohydrates, which are used for energy,

- fat, which your body needs to feel satiated, and

- protein which your body needs to build and repair muscle. Your body needs the proper ratio of these 3 key nutrients in order to fuel your body properly for exercise and weight loss - the best part about macros counting is that it teaches you to eat properly and in the correct proportions.

How do you keep track of your macros?

We use a free app called My Fitness Pal and it does all the work for you. Don’t get me wrong, you still have some responsibility you must enter into MFP all the food, drink and condiments you consume throughout the day. This may sound tedious and at first it is, but remember the saying “nothing good ever comes easy” and believe us when we say - this is worth it.

The best feature about MFP is that so many people use it! This means that their database is enormous, and anything you type or scan (yes, we said scan) will be in it. It also keeps track of the things you eat on a regular basis and stores that for you to quickly add.


Great question! When you decide to become a part of the Revised Nutrition community, we send you a short questionnaire that should be filled out as accurately and in as much detail as possible. This is extremely important because this information will be used to formulate your individualized nutrition plan - made just for you with your goals in mind!

From there, you will be assigned a coach who will contact you with your welcome packet filled with instructions and helpful advice, as well as your initial macronutrient split - meaning how many grams of carbs, fat and protein you will be consuming on a daily basis. 


The next part is up to you! You will track your macros by logging them into MFP (tutorial link available in packet) and you will begin flexible dieting. The first week you will try and hit you numbers as closely as possible - this takes practice!


 At the end of each week you will check in with your coach (check-in info provided in welcome packet). Your coach will make adjustments to your macro split based on how your body responds to how you are fueling it. Your split changes over the course of your journey until you find your sweet spot, and have attained your goals.


Your coach will be there to guide you every step of the way!  You are not alone - we have built an entire community of support for you as well on our FB support page. So come join us and make that change you have always wanted!

Visit our testimonials page to see a few of our recent success stories here!



Programs and Pricing


  • Initial consultation

  • Personalized nutrition assessment and a customized nutrition plan

Terms of service

  • All sales are final.  Due to the personalized nature of the program we do not offer refunds.  Your results are largely based on your own effort and the collaboration with your coach.  Providing accurate information in your initial questionnaire and commitment are necessary for an effective program.




Initial Macro assessment

$ 50 one time fee

what's included

After receiving your personalized information, one of our qualified coaches will respond with a tailor-made macro assessment to get you started.  This will include a brief getting started guide, and your personalized macros and fiber suggestions. 

This option still provides you with an initial nutrition plan, but does not include the personalized 24/7 coaching support offered in our customized program, nor does it offer access to our private Facebook community. 

After 6 weeks, you have the option of paying a $25 re-assessment fee to receive an email consultation with a coach, who can assess your progress, evaluate your numbers, and adjust them accordingly.   You can then pay the one-time fee of $25 at any future date to get a new assessment from a qualified coach.

personalized 24/7 coaching

$ 75 per month, 3-month commitment*

 Enter "NEWCLIENT20" at checkout for 20% off your first month of coaching!

what's included

In addition to a personalized macros program, our coaching offers a more customized program with accountability, support, weekly check-ins. and customization according to your progress and goals.  We offer an individualized nutrition program that is focused on helping you establish a lifelong nutrition approach. By offering sound nutritional advice, a tailor made nutritional plan with your goals mind, and support from men and women just like you, you can make a positive change that you can be proud of for years to come. This program will provide you with the confidence that you have the knowledge and tools to maintain your progress – for life. 

* Why 3 months? Because we value your time and investment, we require a 3-month initial commitment. As our client, we will invest a considerable amount of time assessing your nutritional needs, reviewing your goals, and designing a nutritional program that is tailored to you and your goals. As we all know, there’s no quick fix to nutrition and it takes time to see real, lasting results. The three month minimum allows you time to see your progress.




  • Initial consultation

  • 24/7 coaching support via email

  • Personalized nutrition assessment and a customized nutrition plan

  • Weekly email check-ins with personalized macro adjustments and nutrition goals

  • Access to the private Revised Nutrition Facebook support page

Terms of service

  • 30 day cancellation required

  • All sales are final.  Due to the personalized nature of the program we do not offer refunds.  Your results are largely based on your own effort and the collaboration with your coach.  Communication with your coach and commitment are necessary for an effective program