Achieving Balance

...the elusive state that everyone wants.

Let's take a minute to talk about the one aspect in life we are always striving for - balance. Of course, this is a huge concern for people from every personality type across the board, and we hear about it from our clients and within the community constantly, so its appropriate to devote some time to talking about it. 

Whether you are married with kids and a full time job, or single, with no kids, in a part-time job, or maybe working through school as a student, everybody has periods in their life where they feel completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, by work, family, school, housework - and now you have decided to embark on anther endeavor and have added improving your health to your long list of daily duties. So how do you make it all work and how do you make time for it all? How do you live a healthy, happy, purposeful life?


Achieving Balance:

Consistency vs. Perfection

Every one of us coaches knows that counting macros can be an enormous time suck, and how trying to hit your numbers and failing can lead to frustration and make you feel like giving up.

BUT! Every one of us coaches have also learned how to push through and achieve our own personal goals! So, you are getting advice from people who have walked (or ran!) a mile in your shoes.

The secret to success in this program is consistency. The more consistent you are, the better and faster your results will be. Everybody has a reason (an excuse, really) for why they can’t hit their numbers, and in the beginning that's totally fine because it’s a learning curve and nobody expects you to be great at it right off the bat. The important thing is that you continue to refine your skill, and find the solution to your problem!

Going over your macro numbers will lead to a slower rate of progress it isn't difficult to understand that consuming more calories will make it harder for you to lose weight. However, what some people don’t realize is that being under your numbers can be even more detrimental to your progress!

For those of you whose goal is weight loss, your coach has put you in a slight caloric deficit, meaning you are under the amount of calories that are needed in order to maintain weight, hence, you experience weight loss. If you do not hit your numbers and eat even less calories than recommended your body will begin to metabolize lean body mass. If that occurs, your workouts will suffer and your weight loss will stall, therefor, the more lean body mass you have the more calories you burn.

So be consistent, find the foods that work for you and stick with them. It won’t be for very extended periods of time because with progress your numbers will change, so what’s the harm in eating the same things a few days in a row if it means you hit your numbers and have less logging to worry about.

Achieving Balance: Adaptability

A lot of times we run into obstacles in our life that require you to make adjustments. Vacations, remodels, working late or going to school for long hours, these events you can plan for and make adjustments accordingly. But more commonly life throws you obstacles that cannot be foreseen and this will cause you to have to make adjustments on the fly. If you find yourself in a situation where you cant weigh, measure or log, use the visual assessments we posted (see attached picture in comments) and “stack your plate” pick a lean protein (consume a piece the size of your palm for women, two palms for men).

Getting your veggies, steamed, roasted, or grilled are all good options, and picking a healthy carb (sweet potato, brown rice) about the size of your fist is usually around 40 carbs. Remember, when you eat out it is perfectly fine to ask the waitress for a special meal (something not on the menu) they have to oblige. If you have ever worked in the industry, you know - just tip well and no one will bat an eye.

Another recommendation is to break up your macros into five equal parts and try and hit your macros by meal.  Divide your daily requirements and then read labels and fill in the gaps at the end of the day. It will make your macros life much more manageable.

Achieving Balance: Managing Your Time

This is often the hardest part for most people.  The first step is to try to simplify your life.  Determine what things add value to your life and get rid of everything else. This could mean getting rid of clutter, saying no to unnecessary social obligations, or watching less Netflix marathons.

But the end result will be that you have more time to focus on your health and nutrition. Whether that means pre-chopping veggies and storing them small bags for grab and go, sometimes using protein supplements to hit your protein, meal prepping on the weekends, or researching a few fast food places that you can go to in a pinch. Take the guess-work out by being prepared and having a back up plan.

It’s better to try any of the recommendations above than to blow all caution to the wind and settle for something fried and fatty and sure to make you feel awful and slow progress. Lastly, Iearn to ask for help-that's what we are here for! 

You asked for our help in getting your nutrition back on track and we are here for you but we cannot possibly know your struggles if you don’t share them with us. There will always be an excuse or an obstacle, to overcome you must find the solution, but nobody said you had to do it alone.


You got this,

- A